International relocation: which means of transport should you choose?

At present, there are three main means of transport available for an international relocation service: by sea, land or air. When choosing the appropriate means of transport to use, consider the following aspects:

  • Shipment characteristics
  • Transportation costs
  • Client’s time constraints

Air shipments are generally recommended for small cargos that do not involve furniture. In these cases, a consolidated maritime shipment can also be selected upon consideration of the pros and cons.

Air shipments are also recommended for urgent movings because of their speed, but they are the most expensive option.

Land transportation can be an interesting option for moves between neighboring countries when international borders can be crossed by road.

However, sea freight is the most common means of transport used. There are three available sizes when considering dry containers:

  • 20 ft, with a load capacity of 30 m3
  • 40 ft, with a load capacity of 60 m3
  • 40 ft, high cube with a maximum capacity of 72 m3

In any case, if you are moving, you do not need to worry about this data. Our agents will analyze your belongings, and your specific relocation needs to decide the most convenient type of container for you.