Enjoy the convenience of our storage services with Edelweiss.

At Edelweiss, we understand that moving internationally can present unique challenges. Whether you need to leave your belongings in the country of origin for a while, or your items are awaiting export or delivery, we have the perfect solution for you.

Both our permanent storage and storage in transit services can ease your burden. We have a dedicated facility for the long-term storage of your items, providing a solution for those clients who need to leave their belongings in the country of origin when they have nowhere else to store them. We also manage storage in transit for moves that are passing through our facilities and are awaiting export, as well as for those that have already been imported and will soon be distributed.

Best of all, your personal belongings are kept indoors in an exclusive container assigned to each client. This ensures the safety and integrity of your belongings while they are in our hands.

At Edelweiss, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive service that adapts to your needs, giving you the peace of mind that your personal belongings are safe and protected at all times. This is one of the benefits of trusting Edelweiss: We take care of your belongings at every stage of your international move.