Everything you need to know before moving your car to Argentina.

There are differences in the requirements to import vehicles to Argentina, depending on whether it is an Argentine returning to the country or a foreigner.


We tell you the main regulations of each one.


If you are an Argentinean:


  • The entry of one car and one motorcycle per person of legal age, member of the family group, is allowed.
  • The importation of boats, ATVs, jet skis and recreational equipment are not included in this regime.
  • If the documentation is in a foreign language, it must be translated into Spanish and certified.


And if you want to bring your car tax free, remember:


  • You must have lived abroad for more than 24 months and prove it through a residence certificate.
  • The vehicle must have a CIF value of less than USD 15,000.
  • It must be a used vehicle and be in your name for at least 3 months before the transfer.


If you are a foreigner with a temporary visa or you are coming to Argentina for tourism, in order to import your vehicle, please note that:


  • You may import it under a temporary regime; you will be granted a circulation permit valid for 8 months to drive it in the Argentine territory, and you must renew it before its expiration, provided that your visa allows it.
  • In the case of obtaining permanent residence, you must nationalize the vehicle and pay the import duties, if applicable.
  • The vehicle must keep the foreign license plate.


Finally, don’t forget that import regulations and duties also vary from vehicle to vehicle. But don’t worry. Whether you are Argentine or foreign, at #Edelweiss we offer you a personal vehicle import service adapted to your needs, efficient, safe and with affordable prices.


Get started and move, #Edelweiss is with you!