Here are the international moving trends for 2024.

The world is constantly evolving, and international moving practices are no exception. After the challenges of the pandemic, we have seen significant changes in the way people approach their global moves.

So today, we present some trends that will lead the way in 2024:

1. The Rise of Remote Work:

Remote work has become a common practice today. More and more people are being hired to work from other countries without having to physically travel. This has redefined the dynamics of relocation, as the needs of those who choose this option are different.

2. Selfless Generations:

With the increasing inclusion of Millennials and Gen Zs in the workforce of multinational companies, we have seen a change in mindset. These generations are known for being more disengaged and willing to take fewer belongings with them when relocating.

In response to these new trends and the changing needs of our clients, we at Edelweiss have developed a small or compact moving service.

Our small moving service typically involves consolidated air or sea shipments, an economical and efficient option that is perfectly suited to the needs of this new market. If you are looking for a practical and affordable solution for your international move, our small moving services are the answer you have been waiting for.

At Edelweiss, we are always at the forefront of international moving trends. For this reason, we love to provide you with a personalized and effective service that makes your relocation easier and hassle-free.