Moving Dreams

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01 ____ our purpose

Your home, anywhere you want

We believe moving is a positive and nurturing experience.
It implies a change of air, a new beginning.
It is a door that opens up to a new world of possibilities.
The world is Yours. And we are here to provide you with a worry-free moving service.
Relocate your dreams!

02 ____ our team

Your moving handled by professionals

Our team of experts fully understands the true economic and emotional value of your belongings.

We also provide consulting services about the documentation you need and the requirements you have to comply with when you relocate to another country.


Relocating may cause uncertainty and stir emotions; this is why our team is qualified to offer a detail-oriented, end-to-end secure, and humane moving experience.

In short, we pack your belongings at your home and unpack them at your new destination. Leave aside stress and complications, feel at home with your family.

03 ____ highlights

Why Choose Edelweiss?

Thorough, customized service

Thorough consulting and flexible services to meet your needs.

German efficiency, Latin heart

International-quality solutions and careful follow-up with our clients from beginning to end.

A global network of certified agents

Available to relocate you into a new house in a new country with the highest security.

Professionalism and commitment

A highly qualified team of experts and the most competitive fees in the market.

By your side, wherever you go

We move you from and to anywhere in the world, whether it’s flying, sailing or driving.

04 ____ our history

Happy Moves For More Than 30 Years

There is a delicate mountain flower with white petals called “Edelweiss”. But, in reality, it is not one flower, but many, in the shape of a star, which allows it to withstand extreme climates.

In fact, this star-shaped flower grows in clusters that allow it to withstand extreme weather. Like the flower, our company emerges from a combination of elegance and strength. We are a German-Argentinian company with more than 30 years of experience.

We offer wide-ranging moving and relocation services both at national and international levels. We meet your needs with our highest efficiency, international quality and affordable prices. We understand what a moving or relocation means. That is why we advise and support you in every step of the process so that everything flows smoothly and coherently.

05 ____ quote

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