Do you have any idea what kind of packing materials are used for international moves?

You may not know it, but the packing process during an international move is critical to ensuring the safety and integrity of your valuables during their transportation. For this reason, it is essential to rely on experienced professionals who understand the challenges and specific regulations for this type of move.

Improper packing can lead to a series of risks, from problems with international insurance to complications with customs in both countries. International insurance requires expert packing to ensure that your belongings are adequately protected during transport. Additionally, ignorance of customs restrictions can lead to the accidental introduction of prohibited items, which can cause delays and complications.

At Edelweiss, we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality international moving service, and a key part of this is our focus on packing. We use a variety of packing materials tailored to the needs of each type of item. We have five different box sizes specifically designed for books, clothing, ornaments, crockery, and miscellaneous items. For clothing, we use flat, tissue-covered boxes and wardrobe boxes for hanging delicate items such as suits, coats, and dresses.

Our commitment to the safety of your belongings is also reflected in the use of paper and cardboard of varying weights and thicknesses to pack furniture, following its natural shape. In addition, we use bubble wrap for fragile items and, if necessary, reinforce the packaging with custom wooden crates designed specifically for items such as mirrors, marble tops, paintings, and glass.

At Edelweiss, we understand the importance of proper packing and the need for a complete and accurate inventory for smooth customs clearance. Our goal is to provide you with maximum relief at every stage of your international move.

Relax, we guarantee an efficient and hassle-free moving process.