Closing LACMA 2023: a unique event in the region.

From February 26 to March 1, we were part of the LACMA Convention 2023 that took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The aims of this initiative that is celebrated every year in different countries and bring together leading international moving companies from around the world, were: to generate new alliances, strengthen current ties and promote business in the region.

As co-sponsors and board members of Lacma Next, we were present and committed in every stage of the convention and in the general assembly where we proposed new initiatives for the industry and the region. 

We also took the opportunity to enjoy outdoor events with our colleagues and friends, such as the Asado and Polo demonstration at the Hurlingham club, and the Lacma Next party at Augusta Bar inside the Buenos Aires Golf in Palermo.

We thank all the members and agents from abroad who joined us for this important global event.

It was an honor to receive you and share this incredible experience with all of you to continue driving shared growth.

Until next time, LACMA, see you in Aruba!