Moving to Uruguay: what you need to know

It combines the advantages of a big city with a quiet pace of life. It has a temperate climate, green areas, and beaches. Its people are polite and friendly. Yes, we are talking about Uruguay, our neighboring country.

During the past years, the number of Argentine individuals migrating to Uruguay has risen, but why? Some of the reasons why professionals are choosing Uruguay include:

• It has greater political, legal, and social stability.
• It offers macroeconomic soundness.
• It provides investment incentives.
• It is a leading country in technology services.
• The quality of life in Uruguay is good.

Uruguay is the country with the region’s highest and best-distributed income because it offers greater opportunities for professional development. According to data from the Uruguayan Foreign Ministry, a record 12,489 residences were requested by Argentine individuals in 2021. This year, the number of applications is expected to reach 8,500.

However, before being able to make an international move to Uruguay, it is essential to have a temporary or permanent residency already granted. It is also important to remember that it is impossible to carry out international removals if the person has a tourist visa or status or in the case of people who own a summer house and wish to equip it but will not reside there.

For an easy and comfortable process, we provide our clients with a door-to-door service by land that guarantees a stress-free and hassle-free move. The service can be rendered with an exclusive box truck or opt for consolidation services, depending on the volume to be moved.

As always, before moving, choose a professional and reliable moving company.
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